Shooting fish in a barrel

So, yes it’s that time again. I’ve just been to another gig and it was bloody brilliant. Those of you acquainted with the Ryan rating system will know that a rating of bloody brilliant is equivalent to several Brit awards, a Grammy, and an Oscar. This week’s gig was The The Cooper Temple Clause who absolutely harpooned bottom.

We missed the first support band, Medium 21, but according to the very enthusiastic badge giver at the door, they were very good. We did see The Rain Band who are also on Temptation Records. This Manc foursome seem to have The Music’s sound down pat while not being quite so polished. They were good bit have a ways to go before they headline.

The Cooper Temple Clause, as mentioned before, harpooned arse and rocked several people’s testicles off; a great thing for population control, but probably better for musical causes. They were a very heavy rock band, pretty much in the Isle of White Hendrix style. Lots of kicking bass, hard drums, growling guitar, and sycophantic synths. Check them out, please. They really are very very good live and better than a lot of new music out there.

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