Ave Satani

Jeremiah (TV series)Why is it that whenever a character on television or in film is called Damien they’re either strange and have unhuman powers or are evil like the son of the devil? For instance, I’ve just watched possibly the best episode of a television programme ever and even the `I notice things about people that no-one else can’ character named Damien couldn’t detract. Of course the series is Jeremiah written by J. Michael Straczynski of Twilight Zone and Babylon 5 fame. The episode in question was Tripwire and is what has now become to be known as an arc episode of the series. An episode that turns all your expectations on their head and makes you realise that you’re not watching some crap like Sex in the City or Pop Idols.

All I can say is, “more”

I say we bury him in bunny ears. Make it easier to find him in hell so we can kick his ass clear across the afterlife. […] Pink bunny ears, with bells on them. –Kurdy– .

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