I thought I saw a Tweetie Bird

Shaquille O'Neal

With the spate of celebrity Twitter stories in the media at the moment there’s always been some debate as to whether these accounts are real, fake, or just an intern working at a publicist’s office. When Shaquille O’Neal tweeted that he was eating at a Phoenix diner, Jesse Bearden and a friend decided to see if it really was Shaq.

Returning to our hushed whispers I asked Sean, “Should we go talk to him now?”
“I don’t know, should we?”

“Yes, you should” a very deep voice entered our conversation from 2 booths over.

My own twitter account is here, though I can’t promise to be in any diners.

Send them down the mines

In a Grumpy Old Man moment, I previously remarked the young people today seem to have too much self-esteem which leads to an inflated sense of entitlement and general rudeness. While I had nothing to back up my opinion it turns out that my rant was at least close to the truth.

An extensive study of 16,475 college students from the United States has revealed narcissism has risen steadily among that population since 1982 due to the last couple of decades’ obsession with promoting self-esteem.

Is it my turn to call for national service to be reintroduced?

The study is due to be published in April and, of course, the author has a blog. Ironically the blog is hosted on Livejournal – home of the narcissistic, illiterate, and rude youth she highlights.