Two Nations Divided by a Common Language

Dara Ó Briain recently posted this video on Twitter to show just how different the Irish and British are in spite of a couple of centuries of speaking the same language.

In the early days of living together, I asked Ang to put the messages in the press.  While simultaneously trying to figure out when I’d installed a device for receiving emails into an iron and dialling NHS Direct to get an ambulance sent out she didn’t realise that her first forays into Hiberno-English were occurring.  Nowadays things are regularly grand in our house – to be sure things are rarely things any more, but yokes – and the expletive of choice is feck.

In return I’ve started saying “Ta ra!” and Tidy, which sound quite daft in a Dublin accent.

At least I didn’t mention the Immersion.

2 thoughts on “Two Nations Divided by a Common Language”

  1. All this confusion, even before you try and start translating from Limerick (which spawned the Rubberbandits) into Dublin or English. 🙂

    1. Ang was wondering what was all the laughing about. I made her watch the video and she got very very scared. And they thought Aon Focail Eile was worth banning.

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