I thought I saw a Tweetie Bird

Shaquille O'Neal

With the spate of celebrity Twitter stories in the media at the moment there’s always been some debate as to whether these accounts are real, fake, or just an intern working at a publicist’s office. When Shaquille O’Neal tweeted that he was eating at a Phoenix diner, Jesse Bearden and a friend decided to see if it really was Shaq.

Returning to our hushed whispers I asked Sean, “Should we go talk to him now?”
“I don’t know, should we?”

“Yes, you should” a very deep voice entered our conversation from 2 booths over.

My own twitter account is here, though I can’t promise to be in any diners.

Happy Emergency Christmas

In the Crisis of Credit visualised, media design student Jonathan Jarvis takes a simple approach in showing how the US banking system has plunged the global economy into recession.

How long will it take before all the Obama supporters start calling for his resignation because he took too long to undo years of greed and short-sightedness?

Happy Emergency Christmas everyone.