Cottaging Germans

From a friend:

So this 17 year old German boyband member was involved in a bit of a controversy. He was at a nightclub, disappeared into the toilets with another bloke and started sucking his cock. This came to light because some guy in the next cubicle took pictures, and then blackmailed him (he’s since been arrested).

Here is a picture of him on the cover of a magazine for an unrelated story. It has an… unfortunate caption.

3 thoughts on “Cottaging Germans”

  1. Thanks for the generalization of German people, bitch. Unfornately, not all germans do cottaging.

    You English people only generalize and that’s a mistake. (The nazis did that in WW2, with the jews).

    Maybe I should make a blog saying “Bumming English”. Hehe

    1. Anonymous commenter in missing the point outrage.

      You’d be taken more seriously if:

      1. You were not a coward.
      2. Knew what the word “irishperson” meant and…
      3. Weren’t searching for cottaging photos on google images in the first place.


    2. lmao, erm,He never said ALL germans do cottaging,some do, like some english people do and anyway, richie is ameircan, he only joined that bnd because he thought it would get him famous in america and the uk but they flopped so badly in the uk, he will quit it soon, and if he does a solo career in germany, he so won’t live there, he loves american life too much and germany is too different. He is so hot, he’d so be my bf if i got 5 mins with him :p

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