SMS… even for monkey shaggers

Looks like Tom Baker is going to be the voice of SMS on U.K. telephones. The veteran of Dr. Who, Little Britain, and insane voice over fame has recorded his voice to be used when a text message is sent to a B.T. landline.

This doesn’t mean that he’s sitting on a reception desk waiting for texts to come in, as Wrangler thought, but he has recorded 11,593 phrases which will be combined by the magic of computer.

Cottaging Germans

From a friend:

So this 17 year old German boyband member was involved in a bit of a controversy. He was at a nightclub, disappeared into the toilets with another bloke and started sucking his cock. This came to light because some guy in the next cubicle took pictures, and then blackmailed him (he’s since been arrested).

Here is a picture of him on the cover of a magazine for an unrelated story. It has an… unfortunate caption.


Remind me never to think a 9.15pm flight from Dublin will get me back at any kind of sensible hour. Remind me to always make sure I book a day off work after a holiday. Remind me to put toiletries in places where they can’t explode.

So I’ve made it back from Dublin in one piece, although I didn’t get in till 2am due to late flights, late bags, and late buses. Nothing has changed in two weeks apart from the fact that my house looks even more untidy despite the fact that no-one’s been in there for two weeks.

Ho hum. My Andrew Vincent album I ordered from Canada arrived and reminded me why I love independent labels. Not only did I get the CD I paid for, I got his earlier album, a badge, and a hand-written note expressing their hope that I enjoy. Not bad for what was only a fiver including postage.