Silence is Golden

“I have returned Emperor Montesor, bringing tidings from a strange and alien land. As full of fire as the very Gates of Hades itself and yet filled with strange rivers of ice that move only in secrecy.

“No your Eminence, your humble servant has not taken leave of his senses. This land of dragons does exist and I carry tales of such delight that your court will never have heard the like of before.

“Where to begin, I can hardly think? From bays full of smoke to vast mountains which the tribes there claim lead to the centre of your earth, not to mention the strange creatures Thorn and Eth which guard its inhospitable interior, there are wonders aplenty to behold. I shall start slowly, methinks….”

Yes, the reason I haven’t written anything in a while (or even posted a silly link) is that I’ve spent the last few days wandering around south Iceland. Strangely enough, while I was there the weather was nothing but sunny and fine and the Icelanders themselves were going crazy with all the good weather. This was all well and good because I spent most of the time camping apart from a couple of nights in Rejkyavik. I’ll write up each day in more detail but for now I’ll just jot down some impressions for your delectation.

Rejkyavik is very expensive, there’s no doubt there at all, but it is an incredibly fun city. The people are hard to get to know in general, apart from the weekend when everyone goes crazy and a night out can (and indeed did) last until 9am. Once you leave, however, the rest of the country is so unspoiled and awe-inspiring. Things seen include a lake full of icebergs that have fallen from one of the larger glaciers, a waterfall one can walk behind, volcanic mountains, and a feeling of being right in Middle Earth itself.

I’m sure I’ll go back again when I’ve prepared more.

[Listening to: Polka, Roll out the Barrel, Hardee’s – Ben Folds – (7:18)]

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