Computers would be great if it weren’t for users

B3ta have just run a question session for their radio show about Stupid user stories and, if true, there are some howlers there. My favourite:

” not a personal client…
But a relative of friend of mine ran a computer company in the DOS & windows 3.1 days. one afternoon a customer who had bought a computer, phoned in. the conversation went as follows:
techy: How can i help?
woman: My computer won’t work!
techy: can you be more specific please?
woman: i don’t know whats wrong, it’s being weird and it won’t do what i want!
techy: are there any messages on the screen saying what the problem might be?
woman: well, it says my himen has been broken or something.

the phone was subsequently slammed down, and the techy burst into fits of laughter, he barely managed to relay the story to his co-workers, at which point they all burst out laughing too.
moments later the phone rang, they manage to gain composure and answer. the same woman was on the phone ‘hello? i think we got disconnected, can you help me with my broken himen please?

she was helped in the end, but i could never look at himem errors in the same light again.”

Some people just can’t be helped.


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