Frank Black and Elbow

Owing to my rapidly deteriorating memory I’m going to compress both the promised gig reviews (Elbow and Frank Black and the Catholics) into one. This is partly because I need to get them out before the memories become another figment of my imagination and partly because I can’t remember enough to pad out two entries.

Elbow were really very good. I was expecting big things since I’d already heard they played a storming gig in Sheffield and I have to say I wasn’t disappointed. The fact that I hadn’t heard any of their songs before didn’t matter as I was carried away by the whole performance.The band were very good natured and joked along with the crowd and I left the Junction a very happy bunny.

Frank Black was also very good. I’d only ever heard one Pixies album before (Bossanova) and though I liked it, I’m well aware that solo artists can be nothing like the band they’d come from. I was glad to be proved wrong. They played an absolutely stonking set, including several songs from Bossanova, and I yet again got carried away forgetting where I was. The set ended with some solo stuff that was a little bit rock and a little bit country and it sounded smashing. We left the Junction in high spirits and were amazed to see Frank Black himself cycling around the car park on a little shopper bike. C & T were well oiled and decided to shout at him in very strange ways. Thankfully the taxi came soon after and I got to escape before any serious damage was done.

[Listening to: The Light Before We Land – The Delgados – (5:30)]

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