Radio Binoculars

Radio Binoculars

Radio Binoculars,
originally uploaded by Damien Ryan.

On the right is the original 76m Lovell Telescope, built in 1957, and has been responsible for keeping the UK at the forefront of space science.

On the left is the smaller (but closer) 25m Mk II telescope which forms part of the e-MERLIN network – a half dozen radio telescopes (including Cambridge’s own Mullard Telescope) connected via fibre optic cable that is sensitive enough to read a number plate on the moon.

Science is cool and so is the Jodrell Bank Visitor Centre; go while it’s still around.

The Tell-tale Heart

The Tell Tale Heart
Image by Damien Ryan via Flickr
One hour…
Seventeen expletives…
Two cut fingers and
A hundred dust-bunnies later.
I have replaced my PC’s power supply.

Glowing Emerald

As requested.. Ireland at Night. Sorry for the problems with ... on TwitpicNot content with being the first person to check in to Foursquare from space, ISS astronaut Douglas H. Wheelock has gone and taken this awesome photo of Ireland at night.

Where’s my personal space station?