Crazy Christians

Always first on the scene to exploit a crisis for their own gains, American Christians were there six years ago.

Track four is particularly creepy.

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Final Fantasy the History

This history of one of the most well known RPG franchises is a fascinating look at the development Final Fantasy through the years. If only I could complete FFVII.

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I heard about this case on the BBC Newspod podcast yesterday afternoon and it just seemed like so much American-style Christianity. Sanctimonious, full of hubris, and an almost sociopathic belief in the rightness of only one opinion. But it seems that while the case is being brought forward as a human-rights issue, the real reason is something more sinister.

According to research carried out by the Ministry of Truth blog, Lydia Playfoot’s family is involved in a business franchise promoting the sale of these purity rings and it could be imagined that they are more worried about losing their client base than about any real religious reason.

Have your own beliefs if you want to, but don’t try and use religion in order to sell what amounts to something Elizabeth Duke wouldn’t even stock.

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Ah sure Ted, we’re havin’ an oul’ vote

I’m moving to Laois or Offaly just so I can vote for this guy. His election song shows that Irish politics isn’t just about brown paper envelopes and tribunals.

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A better time?

It was a more innocent time, they say, but this recording of a sex education disc from the 1960’s is more creepy than helpful.

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