Well it seems thatlorum ipsum is no longer fashionable these days. Placeholder text for a photo’s caption in Borders Today caused an uproar when it was published. It’s understandable why when one considers this excerpt:

CAPTION: about these pious little bleeders and the lady busser doing that interminably boring thing so cherished by Border festivals

The festival organisers’ response?

“Whoever wrote these words must be at least in league with the devil.”

I, for one, agree with the caption writer.

Also, some poor web monkey had been caught having fun on Javine’s official website. Go have a look at the article on Pop Justice to see what I mean.

Unfortunately, I’m sure heads will roll.

Let them eat fake

Olive Garden is a pretty mediocre restaurant chain in the US and both this and this review remind me why I don’t understand how these chains are so popular. They’re no better than McDonald’s but seem to be worshiped by the bland everywhere.

It reminds me of the time I was in a large group of people in Rome. Not far from dozens of wonderful, inexpensive, backstreet restaurants they wanted to go to McDonalds, where it took an hour to get served among the throngs of other people attending.