Badger Baiting

It looks like someone noticed the badger shouting at the last Broken Family Band gig.

Of course my drunken heckling hasn’t reached the standards of Ferg, who questioned the existence of God at The Comedy Cupboard.

[Listening to: Punk Rock Girl – The Dead Milkmen – Death Rides a Pale Cow (2:36)]

The Red Pill or the Blue Pill Neo?

Matrix pillsDon’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed The Matrix Revolutions, mostly because I wasn’t expecting anything other than Special Effect porn, but a lot of people were very disappointed. This parody of the script is quite funny and sums up most people’s annoyances with the many plot holes.

Am I the only person who thought it was Return of the Jedi without any annoying Ewoks?

In other developments, it seems that a MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game) is being planned for 2004. The Matrix Online is apparantly set entirely in the Matrix just after the events in The Matrix Revolutions. It could be interesting to see what plot developments happen vicariously but I’ll certainly not be subscribing.

[via The Motley Fool]

Strange moments in Pub Toilets #1

You’re standing at the urinal minding your own business while doing your business when you hear someone say, “Mmm wooo.” At the further urinal away a dead ringer for the lead singer from Hot Chocolate has just made strange noises. Ever feel like life is one big rabbit hole?


This article from the BBC has left me feeling pretty queasy. Apparently some researchers at the University of Washington have designed a virtual reality simulation in order to plunge arachnophobes into a world filled with spiders.

While flooding techniques have been shown to be effective, if someone made me reach out to touch a virtual tarantula and then touched my hand with a fake one I know it would take years before I’d leave whatever mental institution I’d have been sectioned to. I’ll stay afraid, thank you very much.