Across the Dimensions

in 1997, a condom manufacturer delivers a small case of its product to the White House. The rest of Bill Clinton’s second term is quietly uneventful.

— Today in Alternate History.

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Shuffling forward

Twenty-eight years on the planet today, though some would say that I’m really from Mars.

Perfect excuse for a curry I’d say.

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Why doesn’t it look as tasty as the menu?

Ever wonder why photographs of food on packaging never looks as good as the finished product? This post on the Motley Fool goes some way to answering that question.

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Stories of the Stars

What in the name of a fitful Welsh rarebit fiend nightmare made the people of Betelgeuse think that walking houses would ever be a good idea; let alone a giant conga line of perambulatory dwellings?

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The Divil is Dead

Last night was billed as a London-Irish Psycho Ceilidh, so it was with some nervousness that I approached Neck’s gig at The Man on the Moon.

How wrong I was. Instead of the plastic paddy Oirishness that seems to be everywhere these days, this London-based five-piece have a very strong grounding in the Irish trad music scene. This is most seen in their electrically-charged cover versions of The Fields of Athenry and quite a long set of original reels and jigs.

The Irishness seemed forced in a couple of places, as the second generation Dubliner, Leeson O’Keefe, used the phrase “Right so” before ever speaking and didn’t seem to be able to count beyond, “a h-Aon, do, tri, ceathar,” but all in all it was like a very good ceilidh band with distorted guitars.

Highlight of the night was a long encore of McAlpine’s Fusileers with the opening verse of The Divil is Dead thrown in for good measure. It took me a while to realise I wasn’t at the Archway as we came out the door.

Very recommended.

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Andy’s Alive?

So much for the last blog to inspire cries of hoax, Andy Kaufman seems to have returned from the dead, as he promised, and now he’s blogging.

Update: Fixed the Andy Kaufmann link.

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