“Lay down all hope, you that go in by me”

Dante Alighieri (110/365)

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What would classic novels be called if they were written for today’s market?

Then: The Gospel of Matthew
Now:  40 Days and a
Mule: How One Man Quit His Job and Became the Boss

I’ve just finished Dante’s Descent into Dummy Loan Felonies —With a Detour for Minimum
Security Prison
— and Amazing Redemption as an
Ethical Financial Advisor in preparation for the video game version. I don’t remember the poet being so badass.

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Tesco punctuation

Rob Caron points to a great post from Dumb Little Man, a Lifehacker type blog.

If only it could be enforced before anyone is allowed near a keyboard.

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Patrick Farley
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The Spiders is an online comic by Patrick Farley based in an alternate universe where the Afghan War was fought using mind-altering drugs and robotic technology. At first it seems like the usual war-time nonsense but as you get deeper in it raises some thought provoking points. The first three and a half parts have been finished and the author’s working on the final episode as we speak. Enjoy.

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