Anois is Aris

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The QI Elves on Twitter opened a can of worms when they mentioned that the Irish language has no words for “Yes” or “No”. Dozens of tweets later saying that there are “Tá” and “Níl” or “‘Sea” and “Ní hea”, the Elves threw their hands up in the air and decided to leave the Irish alone.

While, strictly speaking, it is true that there are no words for “Yes” and “No”, in the Irish language to answer in the affirmative or negative, one repeats the verb of the asked question. For example, if one asks “Are you going to the cinema?” (An bhfuil tú ag dul go dtí an picturlann?) the answer is either “I am” (Tá mé) or “I am not” (Níl má).

This happens even when Irish people speak in English, and is part of the charm of Hiberno-English that everyone seems to love.

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Happy Emergency Christmas

In the Crisis of Credit visualised, media design student Jonathan Jarvis takes a simple approach in showing how the US banking system has plunged the global economy into recession. How long will it take before all the Obama supporters start calling for his resignation because he took too long to undo years of greed and short-sightedness?

Happy Emergency Christmas everyone.

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“An bhfuil tusa ag leabhairt lomsa?”

Irish language prideImage by jodimarr via FlickrHere’s a great video about a bored Chinese shop worker who learns Irish before moving there, without realising that very little Irish is used in day-to-day life.

Highlights include the Taxi Driver reference and a cameo from Frank Kelly (better known as Father Jack in Father Ted) and the result is a touching short film that’s equal parts hilarious and shaming. Maybe I’ll try and find my old Inter. Cert. course books and have a refresher before I start Cognitive Psychology.

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A Screen that Ships without a Mouse Ships Broken

Clay Shirky

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Shirky’s talk
from O’Reilly’s 2008 Web
points out just how much free time we actually have to “waste”
on social participation projects. The next time you roll your eyes at
someone for editing Wikipedia or Musicbrainz, at least they’re doing
something rather than contributing to the billions
of hours
of free time spent in front of the latest reality show.

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Way of the Celestial Masters
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One experiences without Self to sense the World,
And experiences with Self to understand the World.
The two experiences are the same within Tao;
They are distinct only within the World.

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