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Deutsch: WikiHistory-Screenshot (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Wikihistory is a wonderful short short story which portrays time travel as a Wikipedia edit war.


Happy Easter folks. I’m off to Cornwall.


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Symphony: Even for Monkey Shaggers

Tom Baker has to be one of the biggest loons ever to act on British television:

One tortured soul I know who suffers from amazingly premature ejaculation — I mean so premature that he hasn’t got any children after eleven years of marriage — was told by the priest that it was probably a blessing in disguise. What a piece of advice to give to a poor sod who comes off at the sound of his wife’s car in the drive.

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Patrick Farley
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The Spiders is an online comic by Patrick Farley based in an alternate universe where the Afghan War was fought using mind-altering drugs and robotic technology. At first it seems like the usual war-time nonsense but as you get deeper in it raises some thought provoking points. The first three and a half parts have been finished and the author’s working on the final episode as we speak. Enjoy.

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