Yeah boyee

From our US correspondent:

So, in a bar in Millbrae (town next to SFO) a visiting drunk
guy (DG) was waxing lyrical about the fact Obama will be the democratic
choice. Conversation with drunk local guy (DLG) went like this:

DG: This is just what America needs!

DLG: I hear ya bro
DG: To have a black president will be momentous, unreal!

DLG: Sho’ fuckin will! Imagine that motherf*cker gettin’ all up on that
podium with the clocks and shit screaming “Yeaaaah Boyeee!”
DG: That’s exactly the crap we need to get away from

DLG: Whatever dude, “Yeeah

DG: There really isn’t a need to do that

DLG: Flavor Flav
in da HOUSE!

DG: Fuck you

Rest of bar: desperately trying not to titter

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