Six questions

does not a scientific test make.

Take the quiz: “What Is Your Kink?”

You live to serve! You’re most excited when someone else takes the reins and controls the situation. You’re happy to do whatever will make your partner happy, even if it isn’t your favorite thing to do. In the bedroom, you aim to please. Your motto is, Yes Sir/Ma’am!

[via Flipside.]

Update: Using Technorati to create a straw poll of people who have done this test it seems that the following statistics can be seen:

S & M         - 10%
Submission    - 28%
Exhibitionism - 11%
Domination    - 36%
Bondage       -  8%
Nymphomania   -  3%    (which I presume is being used regardless of the test taker's gender).
Unknown       -  4%    (let's call them swing voters).

Which disproves my thesis that people who feel the need to send their word out to the world are submissive at heart. Though if one include bondage and exhibitionism as submissive tendencies I win.

Unscience at its best.